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Welcome to the Emergency Care Instructor Centre, whether you are an experienced CFR, FAR or EFR instructor or looking to develop the skills to become one you will find resources here to assist you.

From the 1st of September 2017 the HSA will only recognise the First Aid Response (FAR) course as the appropriate course for First Aid in the work place. All existing Occupational First Aid Instructors will need to attend upskilling with a PHECC Recognised Training Institution to transition to the FAR instructor standard in order to continue teaching First Aid In the workplace.

FAR instructor must be aligned to and work under the direction of a PHECC Recognised Training institution to deliver and certify the FAR course. Emergency Care is currently accepting applications from suitably qualified instructors to join our External Faculty group. This will allow you to continue to provide First aid training to your clients under our banner.

By registering with Emergency Care you will gain the advantage of working with a nationally based, long established, and well respected training institution. We will provide you with all the necessary tools, facilities and resources to provide you clients with quality First Aid training. All courses will go through our rigorous quality system, be internally verified, externally authenticated and each instructor will have an onsite monitoring visit with full mentoring report (once in every 3 year cycle).

There is NO registration fee to join our external faculty (Instructors who did not train with us will need to take a once off online training course – cost €50) and the per head cost for each student is €18 plus VAT.

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