Elasticated Tubular Bandage


Supportive, comfortable, radial bandage.
Ideal for soft tissue injuries, dislocations and sprains.
Natural colour for general use.
Range of sizes for all parts of the body.
Ten metres in dispenser box.

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Supportive, comfortable, elasticated tubular bandage. Ideal treatment for soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, dislocations and sprains. Religrip provides even radial support and pressure for weakened joints and muscles, also aiding rehabilitation after the removal of plaster of paris casts. It remains in place without tying or tapes. Available in a wide range of sizes suitable for all parts of the body.

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BTG0004: Size A x 10m, BTG0006: Size B x 10m, BTG0008: Size C x 10m, BTG0010: Size D x 10m, BTG0012: Size E x 10m, BTG0014: Size F x 10m, BTG0016: Size G x 10m