Rest Couch


Fixed height.
Two sections.
Adjustable head/back rest from horizontal to 85ç.
Soft faux leather covered padding.
Easy to clean and maintain.

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For a patient feeling unwell and needing to lie down, the Reliance rest couch has all the durability and practicality of the examination couches. However, at a height 28cm (11″) lower, this model is designed more for patient recovery than treatment, and offers them comfort and physical support, pending further action. The lower height also makes it easier for a colleague to sit next to the patient to provide reassurance and care. The HSE stipulates that all workplaces must have facilities to provide for a situation where an individual becomes ill at work. The Reliance rest couch fulfills that need, and is ideal for Schools, Colleges, Hotels and most workplace environments.

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50cmH x 60cmW x 193cmL