Wall Charts


Fully coloured illustrations and clear, easy to follow text.
Clear step by step instructions.
Compiled by qualified health and safety practitioners.
Encapsulated finish for superior durability.
Fully updated with the latest guidance.

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SFP0020: SFA Chart Workplace First Aid, SFP0022: SFA Chart First Aid for Eyes, SFP0024: SFA Chart First Aid for Burns, SFP0026: SFA Chart Safe Manual Handling, SFP0028: SFA Chart Soft Tissue Injury, SFP0030: SFA Chart Office Safety, SFP0032: SFA Chart Resuscitation for Adults, SFP0034: SFA Chart Electric Shock, SFP0036: SFA Chart Chart Resuscitation for Children, SFP0038: SFA Chart First Aid for Children, SFP0040: SFA Chart Stress Management, SFP0042: SFA Chart Chemical Spills, SFP0044: SFA Chart Health & Safety for Computer Operators, SFP0046: SFA Chart Slips, Trips and Falls, SFP0048: SFA Chart Fire Safety, SFP0050: SFA Chart Sharps Disposal, SFP0052: SFA Chart First Aid for Construction, SFP0054: SFA Chart AED & Defibrillation