Cardiac First Response/ AED – External Faculty


If you’ve completed your Instructor Training, you can now apply to be part of our external faculty.
As we are a PHECC and AHA Recognised Training Institution, these affiliations allow you to teach Cardiac First Response, First Aid Response and Heart Saver AED courses through us, provided you hold the appropriate instructor qualifications.

There is no fee to become affiliated to Emergency Care Training, there is simply a per head cost, which covers all the administration, paperwork requirements, course materials and certification. The per head cost also includes all fees relating to quality management, external verification and on-site monitoring.
You are responsible for providing all required equipment and you must agree to teach the full PHECC CFR/FAR and AHA AED syllabi. All paperwork and training materials are subject to copyright.

As a training institution, Emergency Care is subject to a PHECC/AHA audit at any time and therefore is required to have original copies of all training documentation. When your course is completed, you should send all original documentation to us for processing – you may of course keep copies for your own records.
We ask for approximately two weeks’ notice of any courses you intend to run, this is to allow time for administration and quality checks for the course. For security purposes, we send the certificates by courier and a fee is applicable or alternatively, you can collect the certificates from our office. On receipt of your course paperwork and payment, the results will be verified and the certificates will be processed and then issued directly to you.
If you have any queries when you’ve read through all of this information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01-6434757 or email [email protected].