First Aid Response (FAR) Instructor Upskilling Course

Emergency Care has been approved by the Pre-Hospital Care Council to offer First Aid Response Instructor and First Aid Responder training.

Emergency Care will also provide Instructors with transition training allowing them to become First Aid Response Instructors under Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

It is important to transition to the new First Aid Response (FAR) standard, as the HSA intend to move entirely to this standard in the near future.

OFA Instructors on the OFAAA register prior to 31st of October 2016, may continue to teach QQI Level 5 OFA courses until the HSA cease to accept the OFA course.
OFA courses may be registered through any QQI recognised body with a validated OFA programme.

As an OFA First Aid Instructor, to certify as a FAR Instructor you will need to:
Complete a FAR Instructor upskilling / refresher course, by applying for recognised prior learning (RPL) with a PHECC recognised training institution, approved at FAR Instructor level.

Tutors/Asst. Tutors, facilitators and EFR Instructors are concurrently permitted to teach FAR courses. There is no requirement for Tutor or Asst. Tutor, Facilitor or Emergency First Responder instructors on the PHECC register to certify as FAR instructors. However, they must attain and maintain their CFR Instructor Advanced certification.

Emergency Care will be providing instructor upskilling courses.

As a FAR Instructor, you will have two options for course delivery.

1. Apply as an individual, for Institutional and FAR course recognition from PHECC.
2. Join the External / Affiliate Faculty of an existing PHECC Recognised Institution with FAR course approval.

Emergency Care will provide External Faculty places to FAR Instructors wishing to provide FAR course delivery through Emergency Care.

With us you get:
• Affordable per head certification costs (€18 + vat)
• No annual registration fee
• No hidden costs
• Training materials and resources
• Ongoing support from senior faculty members
• On site monitoring with mentoring advice service, at no extra cost
• Available in April 2017

To Join Emergency Care as an external faculty or to find out more information on this service, please contact Karen or Judith at [email protected] or phone (01) 6434757.

To affiliate with Emergency care as an External Faculty member, you will just need to complete the online form at, (available early March) when you have completed your FAR instructor upskilling /refresher course. There is no registration fee to join as external faculty, you simply pay per head cost for each course certified by Emergency Care.

The cost of certification if €18.00 plus VAT per certificate.

As an external faculty member, you will receive FAR course resources, including lesson plans, Powerpoint presentation and assessment tools. You will have the added benefit of ongoing support, updates, clinical and educational support, in addition to online resources. Our Quality Assurance systems will ensure that your student records are managed and stored effectively and securely. Your certification cost will cover external certification validation and onsite monitoring.


Cost of course: €175.00 (Inc. Light lunch) 

Duration: 1 Day (9am to 5pm)

Dual Certification: FAR Instructor including CFR Instructor

Future course dates will be announced soon.




Tel: 01-6434757
Fax: 01-6434789
Email: [email protected]