Hazardous Substances


Today, companies are concerned about the environmental and health and safety issues arising from the handling, storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals. They now require that employees working in these areas are adequately trained for both normal and emergency conditions. Our half day course is designed for personnel who wish to gain an understanding of the properties and safe handling of hazardous chemicals in the work place.

Suitable for: Environmental & Health and safety personnel; Operators involved in hazardous chemicals, movement, storage etc; Chemical stores personnel; Operators involved in hazardous waste disposal and liaison with hazardous waste contractors; Laboratory and research and development personnel; Members of spillage response team.

Certified By: Emergency Care Ltd
Duration: Half Day
Preconditions: None
Books Required: Booklet provided
Certificate Valid For: One Year
Class Size: 10 maximum
Cost: Contact [email protected] or telephone 01-6434757 for further information.

Hazardous Substances Syllabus

Course Introduction
Chemical / Substance Identification
Material Safety Data Sheets / Chemical Incidents
First Aid and Emergency Procedures
Question & Answer session
Workplace Specific

All instructors are operational fire fighters/paramedics, Health and Safety personnel with a FETAC level 6 qualification and certified instructors.