This course is a mandatory requirement to maintaining certification as a FAR and CFR Instructor.

The program is structured around Instructor refresher and FAR /CFR updates and delivered as a blended learning course with a self-directed online element including assessment and a 2-hour Teams based practical element including assessment. 

This highly interactive course will provide you with the opportunity for peer learning in addition to information revision.

Please note recertification is due every 2 years, please check the date on your current certificate. The grace period is a max. of 30 days. It is up to the individual instructor to keep in certification and book on to an appropriately dated course.

Suitable for: Those wishing to recertify as a FAR/CFR Instructor
Certified By: PHECC/Emergency Care
Duration: Blended Learning,
Preconditions: Valid FAR/CFR Instructor certificate
Books Required: n/a
Certificate Valid For: 2 years
Class Size: maximum of 6
Cost: €195.00

Course Syllabus
Registration & Introduction
The Learner
Course Development
Personal Presentation Skills Pt.1
Personal Presentation Skills Pt.2
Aids to Learning
Practical Sessions
First Aid Response Course Overview
First Aid Response Skills Review
Learner Presentations Pt.1
Learner Presentations Pt.2
Scenario Drills & Assessment Skills Practice
Administration & Personal Skills Updating
MCQ Assessment & Course Wrap Up