This course is designed to provide First Aiders with the skill to be able to administer oxygen therapy and/or oxygen resuscitation to a casualty until the arrival of medical assistance. The student will learn how to administer oxygen utilizing a variety of different delivery systems.

Suitable for: FAR/CFR providers required to administer oxygen in an emergency
Certified By: Emergency Care 
Duration: One Day
Preconditions: Must hold a CFR or FAR certification
Required: Notes provided
Certificate Valid For: 2 years
Class Size: maximum of 8
Cost: Contact [email protected]


Course Introduction
Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory and circulatory systems
Asphyxia: definition and causes
C.P.R. – Overview and skills revision
Airway Management – airways manoeuvres, suctioning, oropharyngeal airways
Physical dangers of oxygen
Medical dangers of oxygen
Oxygen Therapy 
Equipment usage
Delivery devices
Pocket face masks / B.V.M. Resuscitators/ Oxygen Powered Resuscitators
Suction equipment
Scenario drills
Revision & Multi choice question paper
Question and Answer session
Course Conclusion