This course aims to provide learners with the knowledge, skill, and attitude to safely perform Patient Manual Handling tasks.

Suitable for: Everyone in the workplace
Certified By: Emergency Care 
Duration: Full Day if including manual handling
Preconditions: None (if doing full day)
Books Required: Patient Handling Book provided.
Certificate Valid For: 2 years
Class Size: maximum of 10
Cost: Contact [email protected] 


Structure / Injury of the Spine
Fitness Theory and Practical
Risk Assessment
Principles of Moving and Handling
Mobility Exercises – Floor / Bench / Height
Techniques – Push / Pull
Team Lift
Moving the Patient
Turning the Patient
Sitting Forwards x 3 methods
Slide Sheet usage x 2 methods
Lie-to-Sit on side of bed
Bed-to-Chair using Banana board
Sit-to-Stand Positions / Stand-to-Sit Positions
Use of Gait Belt
Use of Turntable
Use of Chair
Walking the Patient
Guiding the fallen Patient to floor
Moving the Patient on the floor
Coaching the Patient from Floor to Chair
Trolley transfer